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Friday, April 21, 2006

Bahraini dhow owner guilty but bailed for 3000 bd ! how pathetic !!

Im writing this in here because im sooooo outraged about the bahraini dhow owner getting bailed out for only 3000bd, 58 people deid that evening upon his dhow that shouldnt have been even rented/hired to the building company Nass & Roberts.

He is found guilty but because he is a well known figure in soceity he gets bail for a MERE 3000bd. I feel like standing on the highway and protesting out of disgust and sadness that the shariah law AGAIN HAS NOT been implemented. Guilty of manslaughter/murder or 58 people and he walks around in society as a free man jst cos of his name. AUDHU BILLAH MIN SHAYTAN RAJEEM.

Where is the apology from him to all the orphans? Where is his apology to all the wifes who lost their husbands, to all the husbands who lost their wifes, to all the mothers and father who lost their children and to the inlaws of the couples who died that night?

Im disgusted wallahi disgusted. Let us not sit in silence. Do join me in writing to the news papers both arabic and english and speak up about this injustice to the people who are dead and their grieveing families !!

Inna lillahi wa inna illahi rajoon - From Allah (The Creater) we come and to Allah we return.
La ilaha illa Allah, Mohammedur Rasool Allah.


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